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Timothy Leever

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The Candidate

Meet Timothy


Timothy Leever, a retired Colonel and US Army Chaplain, is seeking once again to serve his community, state and country. Having served God and country for his entire career, his decision making in the senate will be guided by the same principles that have governed his life. Timothy and his wife Darlene have lived in North Carolina for the past 27 years and have two daughters.

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Timothy Believes...


Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Our schools and our homes should be safe.

Growth of business, means growth in jobs for our community.

Working to end poverty is all of our responsibility.

Government needs to be the solution to problems, not the source of them.

Principles, not petty politics, that guided Timothy all his life will be what guide him in Raleigh.

Why Timothy?

Lifetime of service to others


Teacher, preacher and chaplain, Timothy worked with Eight Days of Hope (American Family Association), rebuilding homes damaged in hurricane Harvey. He has coached high school football, helped found Women in Love with the Lord, and served as a board member for Military Heart.

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Timothy's Platform

Why Timothy?


Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Politicians are notorious for saying one thing but doing something else. As your representative in the NC Senate, I commit to open, honest and ongoing communication with the stakeholders in the 21st District. I have always believed that speaking truth is what I am called to do, and this is what I will do with you. I will say what I mean, and you can believe that what you have heard is what I intend to do.

Our schools should be safe.

Schools were not built to be defended, so we need common sense measures to keep our children safe. We need to encourage limiting access to school buildings, as well as innovative and cost effective ways of altering classrooms and doorways so that a necessary lock-down procedure will keep children safe. Local police and schools need to work together to mitigate delays in response times, build better communication and explore options for school resource officers to be available in schools.

Growth of business, means growth in jobs for our community.

I am grieved when I hear that a business has left North Carolina for another state because of an incentive that that been offered to them. We need to create an economic environment that encourages business to grow and thrive in North Carolina. If this can happen, it will mean jobs for our people, growth and stability for our community and greater prosperity for all. The role of government is to encourage the growth of business and job creation. I oppose policy and practice that is restrictive and stifles business and the individual. 

Working to end poverty is all of our responsibility.

We live in a society based on Judeo-Christian ethics, yet so often the poor are neglected. We should not take advantage of the poor and should look for every opportunity to help those in need. Government and private citizens have a responsibility to work together to address those in need, to do what is just and to show love to others. As your elected senator, I commit to working in the interests of others, not in the interests of government. 

Government needs to be the solution to problems, not the source of them.

What is the role of government? Government, and those who work in it, govern with the consent of the people, with power that was given to them. The government works for the people, but so often that is reversed and the people are viewed as working for the benefit of government. The intrusive nature of government can result in regulation and policy working against the very citizens it is supposed to serve. I stand against government intrusion and entangling policy that restricts the rights and livelihood of its citizenry.

Principles that I have lived by will be what guide me in Raleigh.

I have lived by the following principles and will carry these with me to Raleigh in representing you. Honor God, honor the Constitution, honor marriage and the family. Speak the truth in all you do and about everyone you encounter. Do not want what others have or steal to get it. Do not murder. Live a life of honesty and integrity.

Timothy's Platform

Lifetime of Service

USMC Drum and Bugle Corps


Timothy served as a musician in the elite Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps based in Washington DC.

Community Volunteer


Working with youth has been a passion of Timothy's from the time he graduated from college. He has led youth groups, worked at summer camps, coached HS football among other opportunities.

32 years of military service


After his service in the United States Marine Corps, Timothy served 30 years as a U.S. Army Chaplain.   

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Timothy Leever is a retired member of the U.S Army Reserve. Use of Timothy Leever's military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Departments of the Army, Navy or Defense.

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