Timothy's Platform

In a bipartisan manner, we must encourage the efforts of non-profit groups, and coordinate with our Mayor and city officials to help the poor and homeless.

Lowering taxes and simplifying regulations will grow our economy. 

Our teachers should be compensated at a level that demonstrates the value we place on the education of our youth. Teacher pay in NC among the lowest paid in the country with NC currently,  rank 39th in among US states.  

Students should not be accidents of geography. School choice should be implemented to combat the inequities that exist between high performing and low performing schools.

Voting rights are one of the most sacred rights held by citizens of a free nation. Citizens are disenfranchised whenever a vote is cast from someone not entitled to that vote. Voter ID is a must and preserving the rights of citizens of North Carolina is critical to the equity and validity of a representative government.

Fort Bragg and the jobs it hosts are vital to the economic vitality of our community. I will work to ensure that Ft. Bragg remains a priority as a critical base serving the greatest country on earth.  

Opioid addiction has become a national nightmare. We must continue to do what we can, without creating inefficient and ineffective government programs, to help those addicted and ease their suffering. I stand against the legalization of marijuana as a solution to opioid addiction.

Life is precious.  Whether it is the elderly struggling to hold on at the end of life, or the child in the womb, life must be protected. Timothy is fully pro-life!

The U.S Constitution is our nation's most treasured document.  Timothy Leever has spent his life protecting it and the citizens of this country. He is pro-Second Amendment and pro Bill of Rights!